on-grid solar panel


Advantages of On-Grid Solar Panel

1. Lower up-front cost: 
On-grid solar panel do not require energy storage, such as batteries, which can be quite expensive. This results in a lower upfront cost.

2. Easy maintenance: The main electrical grid provides backup power during periods of low solar output, such as cloudy days or night-time. This eliminates the need for the homeowner to maintain a separate energy storage system.

3. Increased energy independence: By generating their own electricity from solar panels, homeowners can reduce their dependence on the main electrical grid and take control of their energy usage.

4. Financial savings: On-grid solar panels can significantly reduce homeowners’ energy bills, as they generate their own electricity from a clean, renewable source.

5. Government incentives: Both, Central and State Governments provide subsidies and also various incentives, such as tax credits, to encourage homeowners to adopt renewable energy sources like solar power.

6. Environmental benefits: On-grid solar panels reduce carbon emissions, as they generate electricity from a clean, renewable source. This helps to protect the environment and combat climate change.

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